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I came to community gardening through volunteering in a local market garden around 2013, and as an opportunity arose to coordinate the orchards there a few years later. I have since worked setting up and maintaining small community orchards in the area, and privately offer juicing and pruning services for fruit trees.

Also as a volunteer, I have been involved in a quiet wellbeing garden in the area which offers opportunities to grow, share and learn together.

Since 2020, my work has included setting up a community garden on the site of the leisure centre, where the aim is to encourage gardening as an activity to keep fit and healthy, mentally and physically. The garden is open to the public as a place to relax and unwind, observe wildlife and see the progress of fruit and veg growing. It is maintained mainly by volunteers. We have set up micro-allotments for the surrounding neighbourhood for people to have a go at growing their own, as a contribution to connecting with nature and reducing poverty. The garden is one of the projects of Partneriaeth Ogwen, a community organisation for the local economy, culture and environment.

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