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I am a geologist by training and own an enterprise dealing with soil assessment and decontamination. In cooperation with social business, we have created several urban gardens for migrants, refugees, inhabitants, many stakeholders and interested people.

Our target groups comprise adults, young people and children. We have initiated 2 gardens in Berlin, Germany and have kept them going also in difficult times. We cooperate with local business and networks, our volunteers are adults, unemployed people, refugees, migrants, everybody who is interested.
In private I have owned and worked in an allotment garden for more than 20 years, before I moved to Vienna.
In Vienna, I am member in the urban gardening project Laerbergbauerinnen, where we are about 40 members, grow sustainable vegetable, cooperate with schools, social groups, the public. Beyond our gardening tasks we have many social and networking projects.

I am fluent in German, English, and French.

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