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I am the Senior Support Worker at The Seed Box which is a charity providing horticultural and outdoor activities for adults and children with additional support needs (co-workers).
The Seed Box is situated in the Walled Gardens of the Ballogie and Glen Tanar estates in rural Aberdeenshire. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who form a key part of our community and help with all the work.
We teach our co-workers how to care for the gardens and promote their independence, social rehabilitation and life skills. We grow fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants with our co-workers for their own use and to sell to the local community.
We operate a popular veg bag scheme and also sell produce in our shop and at the local farmers market which we also run.
The safe, protected and supportive surroundings provide a successful environment where our co-workers can flourish.
I love everything about my job. I enjoy working with and helping people, tending the gardens and creating and selling amazing produce. Best of all I get to be outdoors everyday in a beautiful place, doing things I enjoy with a wonderful group of people.

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