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Project Manager at Shettleston Community Growing Project (SCGP) teaching local people how to grow and look after their own fresh fruit and vegetables in the 50 raised beds we have onsite.
We also work with local volunteers teaching them everything involved in looking after a working allotment, wildlife garden and community garden and providing back to work skills whilst at the same time helping to combat social isolation, depression and anxiety.
We also run a children's gardening club called The Smelly Welly Club teaching local young people how to grow, nurture, harvest and cook the produce they grow in their own raised beds. We also teach club members about nature, the environment and climate change and the effects this is having on our planet.
Last but by no means least we work with local primary schools and nursery schools teaching young people and staff how to grow and look after their own fresh fruit and vegetables, teach them about nature and our environment.
I have worked in the outdoors industry for the last twenty-five years in different roles involving food growing, nature and the environment and working with young people and adults.

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