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Otero Esmorís

April 21 - Today: Gardeniser and CEO at CT-Soil Project (
Experienced in use of gardens for Therapy whith Alzheimer patients, school children, social integration of inmigrants and women in gender risk, urban begginers and others.
Experienced in UE grants (Horizon frame, EIC accelerator, Soil deal, SUAVE eurocluster)
1. GARDENISER PRO: January 2021
2. Monitor of ecological urban gardens. 2019/2020.
1.000-hour certificated training course including:
Theory: - Philosophy, techniques, and advanced fundamentals of ecologic agriculture .
- Health and Safety.
- Design and installation of irrigation.
- 3D Design.
- Budgeting.
- Machine and tool handling.
- Phytosanitary treatments.
Practice: Full working Ecological gardens of different sizeS and characteristics installed acording to specific users needs (senior, disabled, school). Starting from the design phase. Included didactic units dealing with different áreas and needs.
3. Founding member of the Association of Users of Huertos do Val de Feans (A Coruña). 2010. Self-managed.
4. Professional experience and training in Inspection, advice and environmental control in AIA (Authorized Inspection Organization) firm.
5. Professional experience and training in Renewable Energy sales and projects. Self-consumption for housing and SMEs.
6.University training in Echonomics and Business Management, and Postgraduate in International Sales.
7. Red cross´s basic training in environmental issues. Certificate.

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