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I work part time as Community Gardener at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre in London, Waterloo with a group of local adults, the Gentle Gardeners. We grow vegetables, soft fruits and tend a small orchard based in a public open space called the Bernie Spain Gardens. Harvesting our produce, cooking and eating together is a source of enjoyment for us.

Coin Street has a Family and Children’s Centre where I work with the children and staff to improve their growing spaces, and to explore the natural world together.

I trained in Work Based Horticulture through Bankside Open Spaces Trust and Walworth Gardens on the “Future Gardeners” scheme, where I was awarded City and Guilds L2 Horticulture in
March 2018.

The following year I took the Gardeniser course expanding my network of contacts, and those of the Gentle Gardeners, in community gardens across London and the UK.

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