Virtual tour community gardens Rome

Virtual tour realized in 2022 in the context of CAPPERI Common Agricultural Policy, Peer Educational Resources in Italy...
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Newsletter Gardeniser Hub n.5

After the training of trainers and Gardeniser pro training courses, the Gardeniser learning pathway foresees local and...
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Video interview Chiara Cammarata

Chiara Cammarata, one of the participants in the Gardeniser pro course (Rome, 2022), shares her testimony about the...
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Video interview Salvatore Lamancusa

The video testimonial of Salvatore Lamancusa, agronomist, gardeniser and gardeniser trainer in 2022.
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Community Gardens and working with local authorities, municipalities and public sector

by Andrea Messori Within the city, in what can be defined as urban agriculture, there are essentially 3 types of...
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Gardeniser pro training in Assat

A new training course occurred in Assat (France), in June 2023, in two sessions of 2 and 3 days, from the 16th to the...
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Video interview Cristiano Fedi

Cristiano Fedi, gardeniser since 2019 and gardeniser trainer in 2022 shares his view on the Gardeniser role and learning...
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Video interview Flavio La Porta

Flavio La Porta, Gardeniser of Monte Ciocci Urban Gardens, tells us about his experience in the Gardeniser training.
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Becoming a trainer of gardenisers

by Nicolas Condom, Pistes-Solidaires Gardeniser Hub, an Erasmus project, is part of the Gardeniser family that supports...
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