Gardeniser Licence

The Gardeniser Licence is a certificate registering and recognising a certain level of competencies and abilities required by the new professional figure of the GARDENISER. The aim of the Licence is to pave the way to the recognition of this new professional figure in the regional and national teaching and training systems, thus facilitating the employability of those who gain it.  The Licence can be attained by those Gardeniser Trainees who take part in the Gardeniser Pro training programme, which includes the training course plus a 40h learning or work-based experience abroad or at a local level in a Urban Garden, where a gardeniser-tutor can provide guidance.

The licence's quiz is composed of 6 sets of questions. The estimated time to answer all questions is not less than 30 minutes. If the session will be interrupted the database will keep recorded all the answers of the sets of answers already completed. Coming back to the licence, it will be possible to continue the session from the point where it has been interrupted. If the licence has been undertaken and the result is less than 70% of correct answers, the aspirant gardeniser can repeat the licence's quiz.

Become a Gardeniser Pro

It is quick and easy to register and you can find out more about being a Gardeniser Pro, or list your Urban Garden on our website.