Urban Community Garden Organiser


The Gardeniser is NOT a technician, NOT a landscape designer, NOT an expert,

NOT a facilitator, NOT a trainer, NOT a councelor, NOT a friend. IT'S ALL THAT TOGETHER!

mapping en

"Through the gardens" GenerACTOR mapping in Colombia

Available the publication "Through the gardens" - Analysis of 20 urban urban community gardens in the main cities of...
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Newsletter Gardeniser Hub n.4

2022 was a year full of learning experinces offered by Gardeniser Hub. The training courses for aspiring Gardenisers...
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gpro france

Gardeniser TC France

A Gardeniser Pro course took place in France, in Assat and in Pau, involving 14 participants from all over France.
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gpro london

Gardeniser TC London

In London we welcomed 10 learners who attended the Gardeniser Pro course 16th-20th May 2022. The course had a range of...
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tc vienna

Gardeniser TC Vienna

For the first time ever, a Gardeniser Pro training course took place in Austria, in the spring from May 16th - 20th...
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